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"Just a quick note to say thanks for organising the very enjoyable and informative ECOhomes tour on Saturday.
It’s great to get an insight into the fantastic work that you are doing in promoting sustainable solutions in the built environment and in bringing these projects to fruition.
I look forward to seeing you next year!!"

Crispen R. 2018 tour


“Congratulations on an exciting and informative ECO tour yesterday. Not only was there variety in the construction and settings, all involved were proud and enthusiastic to be involved. Questions were answered; information was given without scary architectural and engineering terms being thrown around without explanation; the ‘tour guide’ knew when to stop elucidating, and stepped in subtly when other professional foundered. 

And yes, I will spread the word and would enjoy being on the next tour. A wonderful experience and genuine people all round. A great job well done.”

Alicia B. 2012 tour


“What an enjoyable and informative day you created for us on Saturday. I enjoyed every minute...”
Babette Hays Design. 2011 tour




"Although we are usually not the types for coach tours, this weekend Mr K and I jumped on a bus and joined the Blue Mountains ECOhomes Tour. Nigel Bell of ECOdesign Architects , based in the Blue Mountains, is the founder and co-ordinator of the tour, which started out as a handful of people ambling through a couple of houses. It has since grown to a busload of eco-tourists enjoying a day of meeting new people and touring the Mountains." 



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